Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello there.

Dream Fall
Hello there everyone.  Apologies for my absence: things went a bit haywire last week and I was spending some time with Tall and Salty's biggest fan (my mom), who unexpectedly went on the DL and has had a brief sojourn in the hospital.  I love writing Tall and Salty, but I love her more.  And I don't think I could have strung together many coherent sentences, so let's just consider my radio silence a blessing for you all, shall we?  She's doing better now, and hopefully that means my head is on a bit straighter.

Tall and Salty isn't a particularly personal blog, and that's by design -- my day job (and hope of getting other day jobs in the future) requires that I maintain a certain level of anonymity here, so I haven't done a lot of sharing of personal details.  However, I'd like to take a quick time out from our regular diet of style, design, pop culture, and other random interestingness to note something I've observed in the last few weeks.  As we were heading to her surgery, I told my mom that one of my friends was sending her good thoughts, and my mom said that what she's taken from this experience is that people are so nice.  And I agreed: we are so fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with incredibly thoughtful, nice, people who have gone out of their collective way to step up and do good when things have been down.  Thank you so much to all of you.  I am grateful.

And with that: onward to the interestingness!  Since I went AWOL last Thursday, I figured that I'd jump back into things with the weekend links I owe you (I trust you still had a lovely weekend, even without your usual post).  

With all the huff and puff going on about the Kate Middleton photos right now, this post about Princess Diana is so interesting

In the spirit of Work Week, this advice on managing Fashion Week seems to be good advice for managing any busy work project.

This picture cracks me up.

Bonnie and Clyde?  Maybe they will end up on Mugshot Doppelganger, which is seriously awesome.

(Image: Dream Fall by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.)

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Becca said...

You're such a good daughter! Glad she is doing better!

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