Sunday, November 4, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello dears.  Hope you're having a nice Sunday.  I'm recovering from yesterday's insane triple overtime Notre Dame football game (my voice is gone!), and even though I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night, I've now moved on to mourning the fact that it gets dark so early.  (The upside: your evening feels so much longer, doesn't it?)  I've got a chicken roasting in the oven and dessert to follow, courtesy of my favorite pastry chef.  Hope you have a similarly cozy evening ahead of you.  Some links to get your week off to a good start:  

Stunning photos of Hurricane Sandy's devastation.  Ugh.

Speaking of Sandy, are you familiar with the Waffle House Index?

How much do you want to meet this little girl?

C.J. Cregg's advice for tall ladies.  

And some wise words on manners from another tall lady, Letitia Baldridge, the Kennedy White House social secretary who passed away this week.  

A fascinating article about preventing accidents.

Cute cords in a million colors and lots of sizes (including tall and petite).  

And for your shopping efforts this week, J. Crew is having 25% off of purchases of $150 or more, through Thursday!
(Top image by Mr. Dale via My Modern Met; bottom image from Roost.)

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Shannon Henderson said...

Your husband is so handsome! The dress is pretty but it's not very flattering to the figure.

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