Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What to wear for Thanksgiving

This time tomorrow, I hope you're either enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with people you love or preparing to do so.  In either case, remember to wear something with a loose (or better yet, no) waistline!  A pretty take on a midsection-forgiving outfit (assuming that Thanksgiving pants won't pass muster at your gathering):
Sam Edelman 'Petty' Bootie
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For a different look, swap out the tights and booties for these leopard pumps (just back in stock -- they've been sold out everywhere).  Drawing attention to your feet is a great post-dinner strategy, too.  

Spanx Reversible Tight End Tights, $34 (totally worth the money: these last forever and are extra warm since they're double-layered.  Plus, come pie-time, you'll probably be glad for the Spanxage :)). 

PS: A great fall lipstick that's not fussy (i.e., won't end up all over your teeth and you can discreetly reapply without needing a mirror).  

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