Friday, July 19, 2013

Orange is the New Black

I've been hearing and reading a ton of great buzz about Orange is the New Black, a new Netflix series.  "Netflix series," of course, meaning that it's tailor-made for binge-watching in an air-conditioned paradise during the upcoming sweltering weekend.  The show is about a Brooklyn woman with an artisanal soap business (i.e., the most yuppified yuppie who ever yupped) who ends up with a fifteen-month sentence in federal prison for some long-past indiscretions involving her ex's drug dealing.  Everything I've read indicates it's awesome -- lots of comparisons to Mad Men and Breaking Bad. 
Once I finish Friday Night Lights (just a few years too late, though Tami Taylor's hair is forever), I might have to move on to this.  Are you watching anything good these days?

(Top image via The Atlantic; bottom image via Entertainment Weekly.)

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