Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hope you had a lovely weekend (and Monday).

As it's been far too long since my last weekend links post, let's get crazy and have one on a Tuesday, shall we?  (Your work productivity levels can thank me later.)  A special shout-out to any bar exam taking Tall and Salty readers -- good luck guys!  You will for sure pass, and once your fog has lifted, you can catch up on the following very important news.

Popples and Glo-Worms and Cabbage Patch Kids, oh my.

Kristen Bell sounds pretty awesome (in case you needed more evidence than this).

My favorite blazer, for a steal!

Great news: salt makes you smart (though the effect must be limited; otherwise I would be a freaking genius).

What a fascinating lady

Yet another reason that the billable hour is stupid.

Something to think about when you're getting dressed.

Summer treat:  Pimm's Cup popsicles (via Daily Candy). 

Chicago ladies: NYC lingerie shop Journelle is coming for a weekend!

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