Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Spring clothes: GO AWAY.

Every Chicago winter, there comes a point where I become absolutely enraged at spring clothes.  Their very easy-breezy, light-and-airy, pastel presence fills me with anger.  They taunt me and my furry boots and wool hats.  It's like they know that I'm horrendously tired of the same heavy coats and sweaters and inability to leave even a sliver of skin exposed to the elements, and they're showing how cute they are just to make me mad.

Huff.  So I retaliate by looking at new coats.  Because it's mid-February, and it's going to be at least May until any of those new springy things are able to be worn out of the house, and it just makes me feel better.  (And they're on sale.  I firmly maintain this is the best time of year to buy coats, even though they surely picked over by now.)  Behold:

Reiss Hanley outlet

J. Crew Wintress Puffer, $139.99 (available in regular, petite, and tall, and it's an extra 30% off with the code STYLE30).

J. Crew Metro Double Cloth Coat, $179.99 (available in regular, petite, and tall; plus the extra 30% off!).
Reiss Myla outlet

How do you console yourself from the never-ending winter?

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