Friday, February 15, 2013

Have a lovely (long) weekend!

And Friday is upon us!  Hope you had a good Valentine's Day.  Doing anything fun this weekend?  (Try not to get hit by any METEORS.  No big deal.)  We're heading to sunny San Diego for a little President's Day weekend trip, which should be a nice getaway from chilly Chicago.  Hope you have a good one, and some links for your (hopefully) long weekend:

If you click on one thing this week, make it this: world's most hilarious parents recreate the year's Oscar-nominated films with their baby.  Genius.

Speaking of brownies, you need to make and eat these as soon as humanly possible.

Cute iPhone case (on sale - use code STYLE30).

Advice from the great swissmiss: "Don't wait until you get pregnant."  (Maybe that should be a Tattly.)

Penguin superhighway (watch 'til the end!).

Are you on Goodreads?  (Confession: I love it because that's how I found the unpublished manuscript of the fifth Twilight book.  Just keeping it real.)

You have to see the University of Minnesota basketball team (and their coach, whose name is Tubby and that just makes this all even more awesome) celebrating their win over Wisconsin last night (via @The_Spish).  

Now all your shoes can be bow shoes.  (Thanks Jeanne!)

This NYT infographic-slider-photo-magic lets you see models before and after hair and makeup.  It is weirdly awesome.

Looking cool when it is freezing.

Winners of the World Photography contest.

Valentine's Day around the world (the couple from Brooklyn is just the best).

(Images by Laure Joliet.)

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