Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweet and salty

Today in breaking salt news, The New York Times conducts an in-depth investigation to find America's best salted caramels. (If you have a weakness for sweet and salty desserts, click at your own risk.  After reading the article, I'd cut somebody for one of these tiny heaps of deliciousness.)
The winners, as chosen by a lot of people with very sophisticated palates, are here and can all be ordered for Valentine's Day delivery.  

My completely not fancy, budget- and geographically-friendly pick: the dark chocolate sea salt caramels in the checkout line at Whole Foods.  In the words of the illustrious Rachel Zoe, I die.

(Image by The New York Times.)  

1 comment:

Mehgan P said...

o.m.g. Whole Foods gets me every time with those. I will walk through snow and sleet for them. Good call.

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