Friday, February 8, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

January February 2013 Issue - An entryway with a striped rug and a red front door
Hello friends.  Hope you have a great weekend in store.  I've got sushi, drinks, a little work, and a lightning-quick trip home for a very exciting engagement party on the docket, so it's going to be a busy one.  Huddle up somewhere cozy with a warm beverage (and these links).  Catch you Monday!

Remember Kate Middleton FTW?  It's back with a Gestational Edition.   

One of the captions in the NYT's slideshow piece about Lee Radziwill is "In a cape and satin dress by Nina Ricci in 1962 during a photo shoot at an estate in Paris."  I know you want to read that.

Cheerleader stands up for herself; the rest of us cheer for her.

"Grammy Stars Warned: Cover Up Your Body Parts" is hands-down the best headline I've read all week.

Hilarious iPhone case.

This bride has the nicest friends ever.  Their reward is that they will top every bridesmaid story for all eternity.

And finally, one of the ladies who was the inspiration for Dottie Hinson passed away this week.  Awesome facts from her obituary include that her nickname was Pepper, she played for teams called the "Millerettes" and the Chicks, and she had a reputation for evading the team's chaperones to spend time with her many boyfriends.  And she wrote the song that they sing in A League of Their Own!  I bet she was really fun.

(Image via Lonny.)

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