Friday, February 1, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello there, and happy Friday!  Any plans for the Super Bowl?  Ours include chili and more than likely, this delicious-sounding queso fundido.  Our other weekend plans include a very exciting first birthday party and a trivia night, where I will inevitably be utterly worthless on topics of substance like Foreign Policy or World Civilizations, but of great value for Celebrity Baby Names and other ridiculousness.  Hope you have some  (warm and cozy) fun up your sleeve.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the following.  See you Monday!

Get your weekend started off right with this puppy pinwheel.

A pack of (beautifully designed) lies (via Making it Lovely).

I love runaway kids in church; this runaway kid at a basketball game is even better.

In case your "I Heart Mom" tattoo is imaginary, some temporary replacements.

Interesting interview with a Saks Fifth Avenue Personal Shopper.

Kind of awesome: you can now nominate anyone for Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List.    

How funny to get a carrier pigeon in the mail?

(Image by Tattly.)

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