Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some football reading for Sunday

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?  As far as football goes, I'm a one-team girl, but I'll be watching on Sunday, if only for the snacks, Beyonce (!), and the commercials.  Should you want to catch up on some of the main pre-game story lines and learn a bit about the teams and their players, check out The Spish.
The Spish -- short for Sports Dish -- is the brainchild of my friend Tom, a huge football fan who married my friend Shaina, who has two sisters.  With no brothers or brothers-in-law around, he figured out that the way to keep his in-laws' television on the NFL and away from girly stuff was to weave in details about the players' backstories and personal lives, in a "this quarterback is dating this model" and "that wide receiver won Dancing with the Stars" kind of way.  Shortly thereafter, The Spish was born: it's football coverage that's less X's and O's (although you can find that there too) and more like sitting on the couch with your own irreverent, football-obsessed brother-in-law filling you in on all the gossipy details.  Don't miss the gallery of Randy Moss' hairstyles of yore.  

PS: remember this awesome ad from last year?

(Top image of Beyonce via The Atlantic; bottom image of Drew Brees, who is not playing in the Super Bowl this year but did win one in 2009, with his adorable baby, via People by Hans Deryk/Landow.)

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