Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little hair tip.

A little cleaning tip for getting your Middleton on in the new year: clean the filter on your hair dryer.  I am horrendous at staying on top of small chores like polishing silver, cleaning jewelry, or removing fingerprints and smudges from my glasses.  I just get used to the status quo until something is so dirty that it finally catches my attention (or, much more likely, my mom comes to visit and cleans it for me).  The upside of this flaw is that whenever I do finally get around to doing the neglected chore, the difference is mind-boggling.  

When I was in Miami last week, I was blown away (I swear that was unintentional, but I'm leaving it because it makes me giggle) by the not-at-all-fancy hotel hair dryer.  Drying my baby fine hair took a fraction of the time it was taking me at home.  When I got back to Chicago and turned on my dryer, it felt like a butterfly gently flapping its wings in the general vicinity of my head.  And that was when I realized I haven't cleaned the filter on the thing in the year that I've owned it.  

Sure enough, it was almost completely clogged.  My dryer has a little plate on the back that covers the filter and screws off, and I just ran it under the faucet until it was clean and popped it back on.  Difference: mind-boggling.  Give it a try -- by tomorrow,  you'll be giving Middleton a run for her hair-flipping money.

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