Friday, January 25, 2013

Set your DVR!

Mad Men returns on April 7!  With a two hour premiere, no less.  Enjoy these photos of ridiculously good-looking people cavorting at what is surely a fabulous cocktail party.
And just because I love prognosticating on what the season will hold based purely on promotional photos, don't these speak volumes about the women in Don's life?

Betty: OVER IT (but obviously not really, because who could ever really be over Hamm, so a little stone-cold posing can't hurt, can it?). 
Sally: Turning more and more into Betty Junior with every passing minute.
Megan: "Heeeey."
Peggy: "I'm coming for you and all your business, Draper.  And if you think your side-eye scares me, you've got another thing coming." 
What do you think will be this year's Zou Bisou Bisou?  And DOES THIS MEAN THAT FAT BETTY IS GONE?

(Photos via AMC.)

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