Monday, January 28, 2013

To camo or not to camo?

Yesterday, while checking out the postage-stamp-sized tall section at Topshop, I found a casual parka with a fur collar. It was on sale.  It fit.  It was warm.  Hooray!  But it was camo, and that's one of those things that I always assume is best left to others, like these stylish ladies.

I like it, but I fear I will look like a nutjob in it, as I do in most hip, trendy styles.  What do you think?  Is camo best left to experts, or can the rest of us pull it off by following their lead and keeping everything else really polished-looking: ladylike flats or pumps, chic sunglasses, and red lipstick?  Weigh in while I'm busy trying out the jacket with multiple outfits and convincing myself not to wear it out of the house.  (Everyone does that, right?)
atlantic pacific camo sweateshirt celine denim jacket

(Top photo by The Sartorialist; bottom photo by Atlantic-Pacific.)


Emily Heinlein said...

Go for it, I'm confident you can pull it off!

Alyssa William said...

Camo looks great, i always prefer to wear military jackets in winter season, they are better than leather ones.

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