Saturday, January 26, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

Hope you're having a warm and cozy weekend.  I had a wine-cheese-and-cured-meats-filled evening with ladyfriends last night, and have been laying low since then.  My only other plans for the weekend involve making this pasta, which seems like it should warm you up, and hanging out with my brother, who's visiting.  Hope you're warm and well, and enjoy these links!

I have been wondering for a while what this movie is all about (and why these people are all in it) (via Go Fug Yourself).

Beautiful sketches of Michelle Obama's inauguration gown, and proof that even the First Lady gets annoyed sometimes.

Cool new tv show (Felicity plays a Russian spy!).

Hilarious photobomb.

Mia Farrow sets the record straight on her pixie cut.

A New York City public library is loaning out an American Girl doll to little girls who don't have one.  Eight-year-old-me is so jealous

Five great ideas for How I Met Your Mother.

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