Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have a lovely (long) weekend!

Happy Sunday to everyone.  Hope you are enjoying a relaxing long weekend (and staying warm and cozy -- the temperature has nosedived in Chicago).  Doing anything fun?  The highlight of our weekend so far was seeing The Book of Mormon on Saturday night, a Christmas gift from my parents.  It was hilariously awesome (although "politically incorrect" doesn't even begin to cover it)!  Before the show, we made these fantastic cocktails at home, and went out for a delicious dinner.  We're toying around with the idea of seeing a double feature tomorrow since it's going to be so cold tomorrow -- lots to see before the Oscars in late February.  Whatever you're up to, hope you have a great one, and enjoy these links.

Apparently it's "cold" in Los Angeles too.  You have to see this video of clips from the news.

A Clueless quiz (I got 18 out of 22.  You?)  (via Go Fug Yourself)

If you've caught the flu or a cold, maybe try this bath soak?  Feel better! (via Refinery29)

These Golden Globes photos of children posing as stars must be seen to be believed.

The most ridiculously adorable video of a puppy trying to go down the stairs with the help of his older pal.

Forget about sales: I just want Lululemon to rethink their absolutely ridiculous return policy.

According to the New York Times, The Karlie is The New Rachel.  Respectfully, I think you need a supermodel head to pull it off.

What a fun idea for kid stuff and supplies.

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BAM said...

We were dying to see Book of Mormon on our recent NYC trip but it was sold out when I checked 2 months in advance. Sigh! Re the Jimmy Kimmel video, I found it highly amusing and oh-so-true since I'm from the LA area (and only recently moved away). Now that I live in a much colder climate, I regularly poke fun at my CA friends and family's reaction to "weather". They have the last laugh though since it's 80 there this weekend. Blurgh!

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