Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

What are you doing on this chilly Sunday?  I'm putting off going to the gym (one of my specialties.  Thank you, infinite number of How I Met Your Mother reruns available on my DVR).  I hope you've had better success than I have.   Have a great rest of your weekend, and if you're looking for some procrastination material, some links for you:

I'm dreaming about the days of bare legs.

This Missed Connections map should motivate you to take public transportation more often (via Girls of a Certain Age).

From the unsurprising news department: Taye Diggs' milk ad, co-starring his son, is freaking adorable.

NYC's sugary drinks fatwa is causing some real issues with coffee orders.

"152 insights into my soul!" for your walls.

(Photo of Paul Newman via Circulate; original photo credit unknown.)

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