Monday, March 18, 2013

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards On St Patrick's Day
Hello there, everyone.  How was your St. Patrick's Day weekend?  (Hopefully no less festive but a little less formal than Will and Kate's.)  Sorry for leaving you in the lurch on the weekend reading front.  I hope you'll forgive me -- my dad is the basketball coach at my old high school and I was cheering for him and his team in the state tournament!  I trust you all had green beer and appropriate shenanigans for me, and in return, your aforementioned reading materials:

How the world has changed in eight years: smartphones (and iPads) abound (via swissmiss).

Bachelorette party, grown-up style.  Sort of.

I am on purse probation, but you probably need this cool black handbag (via Le Catch).

Shapewear patent throwdown.  CHOOSE YOUR SIDE.

Ten classic Friends lines (and ten more, just because). 

And I wish you all an annus mirabilis.

(Image via Go Fug Yourself.)

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