Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

Hope you've had a lovely and relaxing weekend (and stayed warm -- this snowstorm that hit the midwest needs to go back to February and stay there).  My parents visited, so we ate a lot and watched a lot of basketball.  It was fabulous.  My bracket is shot, but I love a good underdog story (I mean, Florida Gulf Coast University WHAT?).  Some links for reading while you're watching the last games tonight (or looking for a little pick-up come Monday): 

This is so touching: advice her mom would give her (via Cup of Jo).

I'm just going to tell you exactly what these are pictures of, and you can click at your own risk: dog owners wearing sweaters knitted from their pets' hair.  Yes, really.

For getting into the March Madness spirit: the evolution of basketball courts and how those hideous adidas uniforms might be responsible for the comeback of Zubaz pants (ZOMG IF THAT HAPPENS I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT).

Tina Fey was on Inside the Actor's Studio.  There are, of course, things we can all learn from it.

Avocados and tons of other stuff you can put in the freezer.

A book that promises all the answers.

Watch Michelle Williams become Marilyn (via The Neo-Traditionalist).

(Image by Wit + Delight.)

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