Thursday, March 14, 2013

Speed dry

Have you ever found yourself desperate to wear jeans that are stretched out beyond recognition, or staring into your laundry hamper at a shirt you forgot to wash, but need to pack on a suitcase to take on a trip?  
For those times when you need something laundered and dry NOW, here's a little laundry tip for you, courtesy of my mom, who is a bit of a self-professed laundry nut: put the wet piece of laundry in the dryer with one or two dry towels.  (If you're concerned about lint problems, you can try sheets or other pieces of clothing, but for pure speed, bath towels are the best.)  Run your dryer as you usually do -- high heat is fastest, though not the kindest to your clothes.  The dry items will speed up your drying time immensely, sparing you from leaving your house in damp blue jeans (the worst).  

You can check out some previous Tall and Salty laundry tips here.  Do you have any laundry shortcuts?  

(Photo by CabriGirl on Flickr.)

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