Sunday, May 19, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!

Hope you had a nice weekend!  The weather was really beautiful here in Chicago, which was so, so lovely (it just feels like it's been so long).  People are finally coming out of hibernation, too which means lots of celebrations and parties: I went to a baby shower and a graduation party yesterday, and our wedding season kicks off next weekend.  Here comes summer!  A few links for your Sunday skimming: 

Nerd uniforms (in the best way).

Cute shoes for the imminent wedding season, and great sandals on sale.

Emma Stone and Colin Firth are making a Woody Allen movie.  And speaking of Colin and Emma . . . this and this, respectively.

The apartment that launched a thousand desires for English roll-arm sofas.

She just always looks so damn cool.

(Image by Downtown From Behind via Coolhunting.)

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