Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring uniform

The problem with refusing to look at spring clothes because they make me angry is that all of a sudden warmer temperatures sneak up on me, and I can't remember what the hell I'm supposed to wear when I'm not suiting up in winter boots and warm coats.  Getting dressed for normal temperatures feels impossible after a solid six months of woolly-blanket-style outfits.  After I took the dog for a walk this weekend and almost sweat to death in the beautiful sixty-degree weather (note to self: thick sweater and jacket is a bit much in that situation), I took a look at my Spring Pinterest board as a refresher on how to dress when snow is no longer a likely possibility.  It appears that though I may be boring, I am at least consistent.  

Hello, Spring Uniform of neutral sweater, skinny bottoms, choice of comfortable but cute footwear, and fabulous handbags.  Where to get your own pieces: 

White, beige, or blush lightweight crewneck sweater here or here.     Collection cashmere Tippi sweater
Comfy neutral sneakers here or here . . . 
. . . or cute leopard flats here (with tassels!) or here (or try these espadrilles for a springy feel).
And a fabulous bright bag here or here.  Or here, because we all need more handbags.

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