Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When it rains, it pours.

So I already got one piece of great news today, and this latest bit of information threatens to collapse the Tall and Salty world with the sheer weight of awesome stuff happening all at once: forty-inch inseam jeans in two styles from Frame Denim, designed by supermodel (and fellow St. Louis native!) Karlie Kloss, who's about six feet tall.
And though Vogue somewhat uncharitably describes these as "excessively long" (meanies), these sound fantastic, with a slightly raised waistband and a redesign of the proportions throughout (like another awesome line of longer-length jeans, TallWater).  The jeans, available the first week of June, will come in two styles -- the flare and skinny, pictured -- and in two washes, light and dark.  Huzzah!

Seriously, Universe . . . thanks.  And while I'm pounding salted margaritas and advance online purchasing multiple pairs of these jeans, consider spreading out the good news next time, okay?

[Updated on May 16 to add: you can check out all four styles here!]

(Images via Vogue by Erik Torstensson.)

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