Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marry You Proposal and the Cast of Many

At our barbecue on Sunday, everyone was buzzing about the big proposal video that blew up over the weekend.  Bruno Mars even tweeted how much he liked it.  Have you seen it?
What a production!  If you're curious about who all the people are in the video, you'll enjoy this article, which has lots of fun details.  The amazing dancer in the red dress, who is the first person to appear, is a choreographer and choreographed the whole parade.  She's with her husband, and Isaac Lamb, the future groom, officiated their wedding!  The next couple -- with the bouquet of flowers -- is Lamb's parents, and the marching band are actually theater friends of the couple's, wearing costumes from a production of Sweet Charity that the groom directed and Amy Frankel, the bride, starred in.  The laptops were the bride's friends and family on the east coast, who couldn't be there, and I think this is my favorite detail of the whole thing: you can't see it, but one of the laptops shows the bride's mom dancing in her wedding dress, and her dad dancing in his tuxedo!  Also hilarious: the "dancing Jews" were a nod to the bride's half-Israeli heritage.  So funny.

I would have died had this many people been present (or watched later!) when I got engaged, but this guy clearly knew his audience, which is what makes this so sweet: his fiancée is beside herself with glee as the whole thing is unfolding, from the moment the first couple walks out to the jazz-hands-accompanied-"will you marry me?" at the end.  

When we got engaged, the question-asking part was at my apartment with just us (unless you count J.D. and Turk from Scrubs in the background, which my husband had been watching before I got there to keep him calm!).  We went out for a fancy dinner afterwards, and as a huge surprise, my family, who lives out of town, was there (the maître d' was like, "ma'am, your table is over here," and I kept thinking, "but there are people at that table already" before I realized I knew them!).  After that, we went to a bar where a ton of our friends were waiting and many celebratory drinks were had.  For me, it was perfect.  

What about you?  Could you -- or did you -- love the big show?  Or would you rather keep to yourselves?  Would you enjoy being the center of all of the attention like this, or would you prefer to freak out in only your fiancé's company? 

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